【dnf battle mage bar】dnf battle mage bar

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Thisarticlewilltellyouaboutdnfpeacemagebar,andthecorrespondingknowledgepointsofdnfpeacemagebar,Ihope 。
This article will tell you about dnf peace mage bar, and the corresponding knowledge points of dnf peace mage bar, I hope it will be helpful to you , don't forget to bookmark this site. A list of the contents of this article: 1. How about DNF Peace Master? 2. DNF Peace Master brush pictures and add points. Specific point! 3, DNF Peaceful Master even strokes 4, why do not want to and DNF Peaceful Master it back and then? How about DNF Peaceful Master? 1, pros and cons. In this game, it is recommended to choose ice attribute enhancement for the attributes of the peace mage; most of the skills of the peace mage are inclined to the ice attribute attack. If the ice attribute is increased, the ice attribute damage of the tactics can be greatly increased. Users can freely choose to match. 2. The professional appearance of DNF peace mages: the recommended weapons to use are spears or clubs, and the other two weapons can also be considered if they have good attributes. 3. dnf peace mage can be a combat method fixed injury and percentage occupation. By learning the secret of the active Beyana, the damage can be converted into solid damage. If you don't learn this skill, the damage is a percentage. Peace Mage is a profession in DNF Dungeon and the Bold Ghost, which is transferred from a magician. 4. Mage Peace's map painting skills can only be regarded as the second-tier, common people can play, rich people can also play, map painting is not a ruthless role, but it is still a good map painting profession, of course, the premise is that you Domination is hard enough. 5. Most of the skills of the tactics are not very flashy, the dps is not bad, the bonus of the ball is very strong, the comprehension is very strong, the double broken bully plus meteor ex in the later stage, and the map is also very good. After pk is played well, it is naturally very strong. If you are really happy and like the peace mage, don't hesitate. 6. Evaluation of the strength and absorption rate of 10 100-level epic weapons for the magician profession. DNF peace mages brush pictures and add points. Be specific! Add some benefits: No attribute 10 is the pre-skill of Huanglong Yanyue, and it has a 10% speed bonus. Fire attribute Chaser 16 can increase strength by 123! It is equivalent to adding 246 advanced attack strikes, and there are other skills attack strikes. Sky Strike Dragon Tooth Scarecrow Injured Crouching Round Dance Stick Broken Tyrant No Attribute Chaser Dark Attribute Chaser 1 (plus crit), Ice Attribute Chaser 1 (Ice Attribute Chaser 1) The tooth is +1 level, it is still very effective). Suiba 5 can be used to force and force, and then you can deepen the attack and hit the Yinren at the end, making full use of the limitation of its y-axis, the most effective skill for double red eyes on the spot. The cd flow can be full, but if the combat method is played as a cd flow... Active Chaser If you only add no ball and light ball, then this skill must be full. Job transfer skill: Chaser: No attribute to increase movement speed, improve hand feel, full recommendation. However, high-strength weapons are basically unrequired if you have to smash them by yourself to form a team. In other worlds, pk delays are fatal to combat methods. The strength of tactics pk is based on skills with a gold content of 100. In the ES, the general strength is filled up, the intelligence is filled up, and the attributes are filled up. ***Strike fills up the secondary ***The two ES skills of the strike must be filled up to brush the map. The active part is fundamental. ***Strike fills up the number of Chasers. It’s useless to add shield enhancement and give it up. Basically, there are so many that can be created by yourself, just look at it, and just add something that doesn’t fit. DNF Peaceful Mage Combo 1, Peaceful Mage Combo Deepening ***Strike*2 Dragon Tooth Deepening***Strike*3 Days Shoot Down Flower Palm Round Dance Stick Broken Tyrant Let's recruit dnf peace mages. Before the end, if Chaser is turned on, the damage that can be connected will be more, which is in line with the power and magic control that just came out of the broken tyrant. 2. My style of play is to create a Chaser every time I hit it, only 30 attack speed. Dominate the following: PK is the earliest, and the last one will fall, first open the disobedience, and then open the shield. 3. Click the X button—Dragon——Sky Strike—Xuan Wen Launch—Falling Flowers—Xuan Wen Launch—Sky Strike—Xuan Wen Launch—and then round dance. You try to see if you can connect. The more familiar it is, the better. What I gave you above is the method of adding points. . 4. Deepen *** hit * 2 → Dragon Tooth → deepen *** hit * 3 → Sky Strike → Falling Flower Palm → Round Dance Stick → Broken Pa The damage that Chaser can be connected to is even more, which is in line with the strength and magic dominance that just came out of Shatter. 5. I will give you an absolute delay, chaotic ball combo and sky-hitting serve (light). Falling flower tee (fire). X Longya Tian Hit Serve (ice). The opponent landed. In situ XXX sweeps the floor and jumps to serve (light). Break the protection and float in the air for the second time. Day shot tee (none). Falling flower tee (light). X Longya Sky Hit Serve (Fire). The opponent landed. Why don’t you want to merge with DNF Heping Mage Bar? 1. The 7th stage of my PK (absolutely never brushed) was level 1 when I was 25, because the strength method is mainly based on the skills before 30, The skills of 25 are almost enough, you can abuse unformed occupations in advance, such as: Devil May Cry, Mech, Berserk (dual swords have not been released yet), even if you call me, it is very cool to abuse. 2. Because this profession is different from other professions, you need combos even for drawing pictures. If you follow the traditional way of drawing pictures, the power will not be damaged. I think this is what most people say. The notice. 3. When it comes to combos, if I'm lying, I personally don't have a solid combo in PK field, so I assume I rely on experience to PK. The real peace mage is like this, there is no solid routine for even moves, they are all handled on the fly. This is the end of the introduction of dnf peace mage bar and dnf peace mage bar. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more information about this, remember to bookmark and pay attention to this site.

【dnf battle mage bar】dnf battle mage bar

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