【White-flowered sorrel】White-flowered sorrel flower language

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Inthepast,Iwillsharewithyoutheknowledgeofwhite-floweredsorrel,whichwillalsoexplaintheflowerlanguageo 。
In the past, I will share with you the knowledge of white-flowered sorrel, which will also explain the flower language of white-flowered sorrel. If it can properly solve the problem you are facing now Question, don't forget to pay attention to this site, start now! List of contents of this article: 1. The plant culture of wood sorrel 2. The growth habits of white-flowered wood sorrel 3. How many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, and many varieties of wood sorrel. Therefore, Its flower language is - patriotism. The plant height of sorrel varies depending on the variety, ranging from 10-40 cm. There are three flower languages for introducing wood sorrel. The first is patriotism, which itself is the national flower of Ireland. It is a flower dedicated to the defender of St. Patrick. The second is the strict heart, which is mainly related to its leaves, each of which is heart-shaped. Plant civilization White sorrel is the national flower of Ireland, and the Scouts also use it as a badge. The general wood sorrel only needs three leaflets, and sometimes there will be four shallow leaflets with gradual changes, which is called "lucky grass". The flower language of wood sorrel is patriotic. Purple-leaved wood sorrel, native to South America. The purple-white leaves are colorful and attractive, and the pink-white flowers are delicate and alert. It was this inconspicuous flower that caused tremors at the 5th China Flower and Plant Expo in September 2001. Experts unanimously believe that it is an excellent colorful leaf greening plant worthy of vigorous promotion and exploitation. Sorrel is not just a plant, it also relies on people's respect for nature and life, and is the crystallization of human wisdom and a symbol of civilization. From ancient times to modern times, wood sorrel has been popularized and used as a part of civilization. Sorrel is a perennial herb, all of which have sparse pilose white flowers; the stems are prostrate or ascending, and many branches. Leaves alternate, palmately compound leaves with 3 leaflets, obcordate, leaflets sessile. The growth habit of white-flowered wood sorrel 1. The growth habit of wood sorrel. Wood sorrel likes secondary and humid climates. Shade is required in hot summer areas. In addition, it has a short period of dormancy in summer. It has strong drought resistance, is not cold-resistant, and has strong adaptability to soil. Generally, garden soil can be used for planting. 2. Sorrel is a perennial herb, all sparsely pilose; stems prostrate or ascending, much branched. Leaves alternate, palmately compound leaves with 3 leaflets, obcordate, leaflets sessile. 3. Oxalis likes shade and humid climates, and is not cold-tolerant. It grows vigorously from April to May every year, from late August to late October, and grows slowly in hot summer, which is not suitable for low temperature. Pay attention to shading . 4. Sufficient light Sorrelweed is a kind of happy and sunshine-loving plant. During its development stage, it should be placed in the center of the rising sun to fully receive the light. 5. Tips: Vinegar is generally more resistant to cold. Most of the bulbous vinegar will not have any problems when stored at 5° in winter, and most of them can withstand cold below zero. In summer, it is generally only necessary to move indoors on colder nights. Usually deepening can spend the winter outdoors. Sunshine: Sorrel bulbs are black and very jovial and sun-loving. 6. Oxalis acetosella Linn. (scientific name: Oxalis acetosella Linn.): alias clover, physalis, and sour grass. It is a perennial herb bulbous plant. It is a rare grass. Its leaves grow on the stem. The top is composed of 3 leaflets, which are heart-shaped and have a sour taste. How many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many varieties of wood sorrel 1. There are more than 20 varieties of wood sorrel. Rare species of wood sorrel: Purple leaf wood sorrel Alias: Purple Butterfly. 2. White sorrel is produced from Irish white sorrel, which is its national flower. It is often regarded as "lucky grass" with purple markings on its petals. This is the newest variety of sorrel white flowered sorrel. The height of the plant is 2-5cm, the number of flowers is more, it is lavender, and it is the most prosperous in July-August. It is very similar to white sorrel, but the coloratura is different. 3. Varieties of wood sorrel There are more than 20 varieties of wood sorrel, rare ones are triangular wood sorrel, mountain wood sorrel, red flower wood sorrel, white flower wood sorrel, purple leaf wood sorrel, fire fern wood sorrel etc. Which species of wood sorrel is the most valuable? The price of wood sorrel generally ranges from 20-30 yuan. That’s all for the introduction of white sorrel. Thank you for taking the time to watch and appreciate the content of this site. Don’t forget more about the flower language of white sorrel and white sorrel. Search on this site.

【White-flowered sorrel】White-flowered sorrel flower language

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