【Lymphatic Detoxification】Lymphatic Detoxification Pictures HD

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Thisarticlewilltellyouaboutlymphaticdetoxificationandthecommonsensepointscorrespondingtothehigh-defi 。
This article will tell you about lymphatic detoxification and the common sense points corresponding to the high-definition pictures of lymphatic drainage. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to collect This site. The table of contents of this article: 1. What are the methods of lymphatic drainage, and how to make the lymphatic drainage complete? 2. Lymphatic drainage 3. How to do lymphatic drainage? Complete? Lymphatic system is the main immune system lymphatic detoxification of the human body. Toxins in the body are phagocytized by immune cells in the lymphatic system. Lymphatic detoxification, differentiation, transformation, transfer to the blood and then to the urinary system to be excreted from the body: the back lymphatic drainage method uses facial cleansing Clean the back with milk and apply it with a hot towel. Spread the essential oil evenly with both hands on the back. Thin lymphatic vessels merge halfway to form thicker lymphatic vessels, and finally reach the collarbone to connect with veins, so lymphatics will form everywhere. Carrying out toward the drenching is the basic method of skin massage. Lymphatic drainage system, as follows: Lymphatic drainage method on the back Use facial cleanser to clean the back, and apply hot towels. Spread the essential oil evenly with both hands on the back. Push your hands in butterfly wings from the lumbar spine to the thoracic spine, then move your hands away and slide them to the underarms for three seconds, and send them out from both sides. Lymphatic drainage (lymphatic vessels, lymphatic trunks, and lymph ducts), lymphatic structures (divided into diffuse lymphatic structures and lymphoid nodules), and lymphatic organs (such as thymus, bone marrow, spleen, tonsil, etc.). Hello, lymphatic detoxification is a natural detoxification process of the human body. The body can remove waste through the lymphatic system. The human lymphatic detoxification is at 9:00~11:00 in the evening. You should calm down and keep yourself comfortable. Such an immune system will successfully complete the detoxification work and increase your immunity. The working principle of the lymphatic system: the lymph flowing all over the body absorbs the toxins in the body to the lymph, and the toxins are filtered from the lymph to the blood, and sent to the lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, etc. to be excreted. Drenching spreads all over the body, and only the superficial parts can be touched. The effect of lymphatic detoxification: promote human metabolism, remove residual toxins in the body, and enhance the body's immunity. Lymph is the last vigilant system of the human body, it is also the recycling station of human residues, it is the cleaner of the human body, and it is also the largest detoxification organ. Lymphatic system is composed of lymph, lymph fluid, lymphatic vessels and organs and glands (such as tonsils, spleen and thymus). Lymphatic detoxification therapy is mainly supposed to dredge the circulation system of the human body through the fragrance stimulation of the lymphatic and essential oils, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting the elimination of toxins in the body. Lymph is a circulatory system in the human body, equivalent to the scavenger in the human body, and also the main medium for collecting toxins in various organs of the human body. How to do lymphatic detoxification? 1. Lymphatic massage Lymphatic is the place where waste and toxins accumulate most happily. Finding the right place to massage and lymphatic can dredge blockages, such as the human neck, above the ears, and the bladder on the back After so many interesting posts. 2. The lymphatic system is the main immune system of the human body. Toxins in the body are phagocytized by immune cells in the lymphatic system, differentiated, transformed, transferred to the blood, and then to the urinary system to be excreted from the body. Apply towels. Spread the essential oil evenly with both hands on the back. 3. Operation method: (customer lies prone and do calf lymphatic drainage first) Oiling: Alternately apply oil from bottom to top, and apply the remaining essential oil on the soles of the feet: from the Yongquan point to four points to the point where it is lost sleep***. Two hands and four fingers are placed on both sides of the ankle, and the thumb alternately wipes the ankle with one hand, and the other hand kneads the ankle. 4. ... If you have more than 3 of the above questions, which belong to moderate toxins, you should do lymphatic drainage immediately, at least twice a week, and clean up the toxins as soon as possible. That’s all for the introduction of lymphatic drainage. Thank you for taking the time to watch and appreciate the content of this site. For more information about lymphatic drainage pictures in high resolution and lymphatic drainage, don’t forget to search on this site. oh.

【Lymphatic Detoxification】Lymphatic Detoxification Pictures HD

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