[Registration applet] Yu-Gi-Oh competition registration applet

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Thisarticlewilltellyouaboutthetypesofregistrationapplets,andthecommonsensepointscorrespondingtothety 。
This article will tell you about the types of registration applets, and the common sense points corresponding to the types of registration applets for Yu-Gi-Oh competitions. Seeing that it is helpful to everyone, don't forget to bookmark this site. A list of the contents of this article: 1. How to register for the small program type of registration treasure 2. How to quickly register for the small program type of WeChat registration 3. The type of small program that can be registered for free How to register the small program type of registration treasure when it is full? Standard type]. Fill in the account information of the applet type, including email address, password, etc.: the system will send an email, just log in to the account email to activate the account. 2. Directly open the WeChat public platform, choose to register immediately and jump. At this time, continue to click on the service number to enter. If there is no problem, choose to quickly register and verify the small program type. In the next step, you need to determine the service category and upload files. By filling in the mobile phone number, verification code and password, click Confirm Registration. 3. Register a small program type account On the homepage of the official website of the WeChat public platform, click the "Register Now" button in the upper right corner. Select the registered account standard type and select "small program standard type", and click "Check standard type classification" to check the differences and advantages of different standard type accounts. 4. The first step is to search for the small program type on Baidu, select the search result of the certification official website, and click to enter. The second step is to enter the official website of the small program type, slide down, and you can see the access process of the small program type, register-complete the information of the small program type-develop the small program type-submit for review and release , click "Go to Register" here. 5. Registration is required for the WeChat applet type: open the viewer, search for "WeChat public background", and click to enter. Find the applet type icon and click "View Profile". Pull down the interface and click "Go to Register". Fill in the relevant information on the registration interface, check the box, and click "Register". How to quickly register for the WeChat mini-program type? Registration objects can quickly grab the quota. Long press and click. WeChat mini program type, a type of small program type, English name Wechat Mini Program, is a kind of operation that can be operated without downloading and disassembling. It realizes the dream of operating "at your fingertips". Swipe or search to open the control. The Wechat registration activity is indeed a way for training courses to collect user information. When we are making it, it is best to use the Wechat mini-program type to make it, because the official Wechat is currently promoting the Wechat mini-program The table type, which dominates the small program type production registration activities, is the best. Here is an introduction on how to contact those who have signed up for the WeChat mini-program type of blue peng households. Device: Mi 9 Device: MIUI6 Software: WeChat 6 Enter WeChat, click on the group chat suggested to sign up. Click on the suggested registration post in the group chat. Click to switch to diary. First enter the WeChat registration applet standard type. Next, open the settings button, select the second edit button, and click to enter the edit result table. At the end of the form limit, select "Yes", set the estimated time and change it to fill up. The first method: group solitaire system The second method: create a WeChat H5, and then send the H5 to the group. After the group members click, they can enter the third way of registration: develop a registration applet, and then share the WeChat applet with the group, and group members can sign up after scanning the code. There are many small program types that can sign up for free. There are activities, interaction, and Gulu Group+, but I am the happiest and most interested in using Gulu Group+, because its data breakdown is very detailed. , and accurately differentiates user behavior, which is very convenient, and it is convenient for you to carry out your activities. WeChat searches for the small standard type of Hubei health talents, and the free registration standard for the health professional skills qualification test is 70 yuan/person/subject. Enter the small program type, and follow the prompts for real-name authentication. You can also click "unauthenticated" on the homepage to enter the authentication channel, or perform real-name authentication operations on the real-name authentication menu in the personal center. It is recommended to use the DingTalk smart form filling tool, which is completely free now, and only needs to have a DingTalk account to operate; after publishing the form, the data can be automatically collected. Especially very fast and convenient. The results are easy to use, whether adding or editing fields is faster and easier than almost all other apps. How to set up the WeChat registration applet type to register when the registration is full and use the quasi-arrival event registration details. It is recommended that the event can be set with a maximum number of 300 applicants. When the number of registered persons exceeds 300, the system will automatically prompt that the number of registered persons is full. In the small program type background, the user's visibility to the quota is controlled by setting permissions. For example, you can set the quota information to "only administrators can see", so that users cannot see the quota information on the registration page. As shown in the picture below, click "Add Field" to enter the information you want to collect; then check all of them (checking is required), and finally announce. When the participants enter, they will see the pop-up box on the right and must fill in the relevant information before they can enter. That’s all for the introduction of the registration mini-program type, thank you for taking the time to watch and appreciate the content of this site, more about the registration mini-program type and registration mini-program for Yu-Gi-Oh! Don't forget to search for information on standard types on this site.

[Registration applet] Yu-Gi-Oh competition registration applet

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