[17173 Dungeon and Bravery] 17173 Dungeon and Bravery Video 60 Version Video

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Thisarticlewilltalkabout17173DungeonandBravery,and17173DungeonandBravery60versionvideoThecorrespondi 。
This article will talk about 17173 Dungeon and Bravery, and 17173 Dungeon and Bravery 60 version video The corresponding knowledge points, I hope to help you, don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents in this article: 1. Add ammo points 2. How to use the dnf patch 3. Ask for 17173 online game rankings, which ones are relatively high? The highest ammunition hits the bomb. Fusion: Strengthen the power of fire bombs. 2. Physique: knee bump +5 (BBQ front.) Floating bomb +5 (PK+1 is perfect, for the sake of flashy ammunition to pull Green.) Aerial shooting +1 (still for flashy.) Step shooting +1 (It’s useless to add more.) Rotating kick +5 to get up (PK is dead and then BBQ, making your PK very flexible. 3. My ammunition is a bit different. Rifle is full of proficiency, shotgun, armor-piercing Bombs, frozen bombs, enlightenment, lightning mines, shock grenades, and frozen grenades are full of M61 mines in the EX skill. 4. This is the pure physical flow of male ammunition, which is the sniper flow. Choose a rifle to be proficient, and the rifle is more sincere than your hand. The crossbow is cheap, and it’s very cool to scan the map. If you take the double repair of monsters, not to mention the shortcomings, the map is also very tiring. 5. The ammunition skills are generally relatively small, and you can almost play the full screen when you are full of energy. Direction The problem is that the time is very short. Personally, I think it is not very useful, because the ammunition has high damage skills and fixed skills. How to use the dnf patch 1. The disassembly of the real dnf patch is very complicated, and the most complicated one is DNF Play box. After the network level is completed, set the game path, and use it to start the game, and then click "Myself" on the right. 2. Choose a patch on the Internet that you like, and download the patch. On WeGame and the official website There will be patches in it. Unzip the patch in other directories that you can find, or you can directly unzip it on the desktop, usually in NPK format. Open the ImagePacks2 folder in the game file. 3. First download our The required interface patch is placed on the desktop. Then click the game assistant client pointed by the arrow. After entering, we choose Dungeon and Dare. Then click the right button to enter the game directory of Dungeon and Dare. Seek 17173 online game ranking List, what are the top ones? 1, 3 mobile game rankings 17173 Dungeon and the Brave: "Peace, Sword Spirit", "Clash of Clans: Peace Royale", "Madison Island Mobile Games", "Fate/Grand Order", I recommend both. "Peace, Sword Spirit" is a mobile game of the ultra-popular online game "Sword Spirit" 17173 Dungeon and the Bold Ghost. Rankings: "Comfortable Elite", "Yuan Shen", "Golden Shovel War", "King of Fame", "Magic Tower", etc. "Comfortable Elite" is the most popular game in the world and has the largest number of players. Chicken mobile game ranking online game mobile game, I believe everyone is familiar with 17173 dungeons and brave ghosts. 3, 3 mobile game rankings are as follows: "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft" is a A free strategy card game on the iPad. This game is easy for players with any gaming background, but it can be overwhelming. 4. Large-scale online game ranking: "Attack on the Fairy" , "God of War", "Eternal Angel", "I want to be the sky", these are relatively high. "Attack on the Enchantress". After downloading, Dungeon and Bravery cannot be disassembled. Generally, the downloaded files are downloaded Download directly to the C drive, which is the habit of many people. We can choose another disk to download when we upload the file next time. Here "C" is the drive letter of the game address. C:\Dungeon and Bravery\start\Cross\Log Every time you quit the game, a new one will be generated and everything in it will be deleted. It may be a computer frame rate problem, wait for a few minutes before starting to modify. You can download the wegame assistant to perform automatic disassembly, so as to avoid the problem of self-disassembly display. The download file is damaged, go to the official website to download the latest version of the disassembly package and disassemble from scratch. If the file is damaged, just disassemble it from scratch. The program type is as follows: Step 1: First of all, wait for the high-speed downloader to download the assembly package, and then a window will pop up asking you to click to continue, click to continue. Step 2: Select in the disassembly and negotiation interface that pops up: I agree. This game is installed on the memory card by default, but the mobile phone is not allowed, so the installation fails, just pull out the memory card and remove it. It may be that the running memory is insufficient, and all the cached data that can be deleted has been deleted. When some users disassembled dungeons and brave ghosts, there was a prompt that the disassembly lost and failed, and there were very few players in this group. That’s all for the introduction of 17173 Dungeon and Brave Ghost, thank you for taking the time to watch and appreciate the content of this site, more about 17173 Dungeon and Brave Ghost Video 60 version video, 17173 Underground Don't forget to search for information about the City and the Bold on this site.

[17173 Dungeon and Bravery] 17173 Dungeon and Bravery Video 60 Version Video

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