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**sharedXuJianzhong'sknowledgewithyouinthepast,andalsoexplainedXuJianzhongandXuJiande.Ifyoucanproper 。
** shared Xu Jianzhong's knowledge with you in the past, and also explained Xu Jianzhong and Xu Jiande. If you can properly solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to this site, now the earliest Bar! List of contents of this article: 1. Introduction of Xu Jianzhong 2. Who is the principal of Nanyang No. 29 Middle School 3. Personal resume of Xu Jianzhong 4. Artistic characteristics of Xu Jianzhong 5. List of members of the National Brain Council Introduction of Xu Jianzhong ) Male Xu Jianzhong, a householder in Tangpeng, Hebei. Xu Jianzhong was fond of calligraphy and painting since he was a child. When he was a teenager, he was accepted by Mr. Hou Jutan, a famous calligrapher and painter in Tangshan (the proud apprentice of Xu Jianzhong, a famous Beijing painter Wang Shensheng), as a teacher Xu Jianzhong. I have been working hard for more than fifty years. 2. Xu Jianzhong, male, born in January 1958, is a professor and master tutor at the School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, majoring in communication and information systems, with a master's degree. 3. Professor of the School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronics Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, successively served as the teaching and research section of proximity fuze technology, the teaching and research section of proximity detection and control technology, the deputy director of the control electronics department, the director of the detection guidance and information control department, and the electronic system teaching and research section. Every year, 1 doctoral student and 7 to 10 master students are recruited. 4. Of course it's just a small party, but in front of the ladies are real wealthy families worth tens of billions. Let me first introduce the names of the participating ladies, namely Xu Jianzhong: Xu Lin Liying, Qiu Yongxian, Ye Jingyi, and Kuang Shuxian. Let’s start with Xu Lin Liying, the wife of Xu Shixun’s eldest grandson, Xu Jianzhong. 5. Now the hospital has Chen Keji, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhou Aixiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 27 well-known experts who enjoy national special allowances, including Qian Zhenhuai, Xu Jianzhong, and Zhou Jianzhong. There are 156 chief physicians and deputy chief physicians, and doctoral supervisors 30 people, 74 master tutors. Who is the principal of Nanyang No. 29 Middle School? 1. According to Baidu Encyclopedia: the school is good. Nanyang No. 29 Middle School is located in the middle section of Bailixi Road in Nanyang City. It is a key public middle school in Nanyang National High-tech Zone and a class A advanced high school in Nanyang City. School explanation buildings, office buildings, examination and examination buildings, student apartments, restaurants, etc. are everywhere. 2. Nanyang Work-study Program Advanced Unit, Nanyang Vocational Education Moral Education Advanced Unit, Luoyang Railway Branch Administrative Work, Teacher Training Work, Moral Education Work, Sports Sanitation Work Advanced Unit, Explanatory Quality Up to Standard Advanced Unit, From 1998 to 2006, for nine consecutive years, it was awarded as an advanced unit in the management of middle and high schools in Wolong District, Nanyang City. 3. Nanyang No. 29 Middle School (formerly Nanyang Railway Middle School) is located at No. 888, Bailixi Road, Nanyang City. It is a complete middle school. Founded in July 1970, the school was named "Nanyang Railway Workers' Descendants Middle School", covering an area of more than 50 acres and a construction area of more than 6,000 square meters. 4. %. The No. 29 Middle School of Nanyang City, Henan Province Nanyang No. 29 Middle School is located in Bailixi Road, Nanyang City. It is a complete middle school. The school was established in July 1970. It was then named "Nanyang Railway Workers' Children Middle School. The school's enrollment rate is as high as 70%, which is relatively high, and is deeply yearned for by many parents and teachers. 5. The school-running philosophy of Nanyang No. 29 Middle School is "centering on school development, taking teacher development as the center Basically, with the development of students as the goal, and the cultivation and promotion of teachers' morality as the soul, each student will progress and develop healthily. Xu Jianzhong's personal resume 1. Xu Jianzhong, director of the Army Orthopedic Center, professor, chief physician, and doctoral supervisor. Specialist in Spine Medicine and National Structural Engineering. Cultivate 1 post-doctorate, 18 doctoral students, and 15 masters. 2. Obstruction At the end of June 2019, there were five deputy directors of the Guangxi Public Security Department, namely Chen Yiping, Zhao Xiaoxun, Li Yue, Bu Xiangbin and Ma Mingyue. Chen Yiping, male, Zhuang nationality, born in October 1960 in Hepu, Guangxi, joined the Communist Party of China in October 1984, joined the work in November 1980, retired and graduated from postgraduate. 3. Xu Jianzhong, male, Han nationality, born in September 1963, from Lipu, Guangxi, joined the Communist Party of China in April 1986, joined the work in July 1983, and retired with a postgraduate degree. He is currently the Deputy Secretary-General of the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Public Security Department (director-level). Xu Jianzhong's artistic characteristics 1. Xu Jianzhong myself Xu Jianzhong's standard of life is: "Be honest and honest, always check the direction of oneself, always look at the interests of others, do not compare others' interests with their own interests, be strict with oneself and forgive others, and live in harmony , neither arrogance nor impetuosity". 2. Gradually become self-contained in skills such as style, planning, brush handling, ink use, and rendering. 3. In recent years, he has participated in large-scale calligraphy and painting art activities for many times, some of which have been collected by relevant national art departments, and were awarded silver medals, gold medals, special gold prizes, Chinese art achievement gold prizes, and achievements awards . 4. The main design is named after the pen stays on the paper, and it is connected in one go, giving people a delightful visual aesthetic. The lines are naturally connected and perfect; the shape is beautiful and unique, the brushwork is ups and downs, and there is a natural visual logical relationship between the twists and turns, creating a collective beauty of different styles. The list of members of the National Mental Council The National Mental Championship is jointly proposed by Tony Buzan, the "Father of National Memory" and Raymond Keane, Chairman of the National Mental Action Council. It is the first level of national mental action competitions. Records of accidents occurring in the competition will be directly recorded in the Guinness World Records without inspection. Wang Feng, a native of Ji'an, Jiangxi Province, is a national memory master, the champion of the 19th "National Brain Championship", and a Chinese memory master. In 2010, Wang Feng became the overall champion of the 19th National Brain Championship in 2010. Call and adjourn the meeting at any time to fulfill its duties of dealing with trade disputes and reviewing the trade policies of each member. The General Council consists of the Goods Trade Council; the Service Trade Council; and the Intellectual Property Council. These councils can formulate their own rules of procedure according to the weather, and implement them after the general council promises. All members can participate in each council. The council is composed of main leaders, academicians and experts of the central member units. Among them, 5 from Central South University, 3 from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and 1 from other units, totaling 16. The council shall have one chairman and one vice chairman. The National Mental (Memory) Championship is jointly initiated by Tony Buzan and Raymond Keane, the "Father of Memory". It is the last human memory sports event organized by the National Memory Sports Council. The "Olympics" of brain activity challenges the limits of human memory. This is the end of Xu Jianzhong's introduction. Thank you for taking the time to watch and appreciate the content of this site. For more information about Xu Jianzhong, Xu Jiande, and Xu Jianzhong, don't forget to search on this site.

【Xu Jianzhong】Xu Jianzhong Xu Jiande

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