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Inthepast,Iwillsharewithyoutheknowledgeof4399mini-gameLianliankan,whichwillalsoexplaintheonlineplayo 。
In the past, I will share with you the knowledge of 4399 mini-game Lianliankan, which will also explain the online play of 4399 mini-game Lianliankan, if it is suitable To solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to this site, start now! List of contents in this article: 1. The mini-game 4399 Pet Lianliankan? What skills do you need? 2. The mini-game Lianliankan 4399? What are some interesting Lianliankan games? Let me introduce you? 3. How to open the game 4399 Lianliankan 4 , How can the 4399 mini-game Fruit Lianliankan silence the sound? The mini-game 4399 Pet Lianliankan? What skills do you need? 1. Viewing Investigate pet colors. Investigate the different colors of the pets, find two that are next to each other, and then look for the list Different adjacency. You must be familiar with the basic settings of the game, act decisively, and be precise about unique tools. Pet Lianliankan is a small puzzle game with a game size of 0.42M. The difficulty of the game is not high, the main test is eyesight and eyesight. 2. When you really can't find a pet that can be connected, you can click on it, and it will give you a reminder so that you can continue to play. 3. Pet Lianliankan 4399 full screen, downloaded to the mobile phone system is: open the mobile phone to control the store. Click Search. Enter the 4399 mini-game. Click to download and disassemble. After the disassembly is complete, register and log in to the 4399 mini game. Open the 4399 mini-game, enter pet Lianliankan, and open it to play. 4. We are talking about Pet Lianliankan 5, right? Search Pet Lianliankan 5 on Baidu and the game will come out automatically. After looking at it, 4399 is the first one, and there is another 33654abab on the homepage, and the rest are the mobile version. 5. Hello, I am very happy to answer for you~ The pet Lianliankan 5 version of the 4399 mini game has 9 levels.~ I hope my answer can solve your questions, your support is the driving force for our progress~ 4399 is better with you . 4399 mini game Lianliankan? What fun Lianliankan games are there? Let me introduce you? Lianliankan game black is very fun The mini-game Lianliankan echoes skills, go ashore. Mini games There are many fun games, such as the girls' game Pikatang Play House and Obi Island. The main games for boys are Old Live Sniper, Rear Elite, Creation Soul, and Locke Kingdom. "Crazy Pipeline Connection" "Crazy Pipeline Connection" is a very fun adjacency leisure puzzle mobile game. The overall picture of this game is very simple, but the gameplay is a little less aggressive than its picture It's not the same, it's very rich and will test everyone's control. How to open 4399 Lianliankan games 1. To open 4399 Lianliankan, firstly open the 4399 small game website (). Then find the "Lianliankan" game on the homepage, and you can search for the game through the search box or game classification. After finding the game, click to enter the game interface, and then start the game after the loading is complete. 2. The space bar pauses 2. The interface is updated 3. The bug that the program type cannot be continued when it reaches level 6 has been corrected. 4 Difficulty decreased. Game Mastery: On the question screen, click "play" to start the game. 3. First, go to the home page of 4399, select the game you want to play, and then click the icon of the game; after entering the page, click the "Start Game" button to open the game. I hope my answer can solve your question. Your support is the driving force for our progress~ 4399 is better with you. 4. First open the viewer (the viewer can be updated with any other viewer, but the version should not be too old ), dominate Baidu search 4399. Find the official website of the 4399 game in the search results, click to open. Find the game you want to play in the 4399 mini games, and click to open it. 5. Search and download the 360 view viewer or Sogou view viewer with the built-in view viewer of the system. After the installation is complete, run 4399 Small game, give in to the prompt, disassemble the flash plug-in. In this way, you can play 4399 mini-games. How can the 4399 mini-game Fruit Lianliankan eliminate the sound? 1. Use the mouse to click on two adjacent identical patterns to eliminate them. Adjacency refers to: no matter horizontal or vertical, the connection line from one pattern to another pattern cannot exceed two bends, and the connection line cannot pass through the pattern that has not disappeared. 2. It is a standard mini game of Lianliankan with the theme of fruit, and it has 20 levels in total. The way to play is: use the mouse to click two identical patterns that can be connected to eliminate them, and eliminate all the fruits to pass the level. 3. The classic mini-games include: Dream Journey to the West, a horizontal version of the clearance game with the background of Western Ji action and requires account login. Millet Wars is a very casual and friendly war game. Hero Gawain Wars is a peaceful war game that can be played by three or four people in those days. Q version of BNB Q version of BNB. 4. You can go to the tree house to play and look for it. It is more profitable to play Fruit Lianliankan in the farmhouse. Go to the second floor of the restaurant to bake bread every day, and you can get 200 gold coins after waiting for a minute. Then go to Hagen Farm to work in spring (get 200B) and finally go to the hunter's hut at the foot of Orbis Mountain, order a broom, and sweep three leftovers, you can get 200 gold coins. That’s all for the introduction of 4399 mini-game Lianliankan. Thank you for taking the time to watch and appreciate the content of this site. More about 4399 mini-game Lianliankan online play and 4399 mini-game Lianliankan Don't forget to search for information on this site.

[4399 mini-game Lianliankan] 4399 mini-game Lianliankan online play

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