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sharedwithyoutheknowledgeof7k7ksmalldramainthepast,anditwillalsoexplain4399.Ifitcanproperlysolvethep 。
shared with you the knowledge of 7k7k small drama in the past, and it will also explain 4399. If it can properly solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site, now the earliest Bar! A list of the contents of this article: 1. Which one is better for 1.2344? 2. Which one is better for the packaged download of classic stand-alone mini-games 1.2344? 1. The value of 77k7k is higher than 7k7k, and the value of non-metallic assimilated 7k7k is lower. Because of its ultra-fine processing, the structure of the assembly is more uniform, and each direction has isotropic function, so that all sides have The original surface performance of the material, the higher alloy content Mo makes 8407 have better crack resistance, and the overall wear resistance and service life are better than 2344. 2. X40 CrMo V51 hot work steel, DIN7k7k small drama: (Europe) 23447k7k Small play; Japan SKD61, the factory hardness of this kind of steel is: HB185~HB230 must be heat treated. The hardness used on plastic molds is generally 48~52HRC, and it can also be nitrided. Because heat treatment is required and processing is more difficult, the price of the mold is more expensive. 3. The mold steel is harder and more wear-resistant. It is about the same hardness as SKD61, and S136 has better polishing performance. The alloying elements in 2344 are better, so the value is half as expensive. 4. Steel and 2344ESR are not of the same grade of steel and cannot be calculated against each other. 2311 is used for male mold cores, 2344ESR is suitable for high-gloss female mold cores, and the prices of the two are very different. 5. Our company uses skd-61, which is basically produced by the leading end a few days ago, and generally has a lifespan of more than 100,000 modules. 8407 is also available, but more expensive. As long as we guarantee 200,000 molds to our customers, we can do it as usual. The most common problem encountered with materials is cracking. The following are some of the reasons for your reference. 6. Nylon 66 plus 30% glass fiber mold is best to use S136-D mold steel. Nylon 66 is acidic, so the mold steel can only be used, and the S136 series mold steel with anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects. Classic stand-alone mini-game package downloads such as Contra 7k7k mini-game, Double Dragon 7k7k mini-game, Tank, Super Mario, MapleStory, White Fortress, Airplane, and Billiards belong to FC games. Baidu search Xiaobawang Collection or search Xiaobawang 84 in 1 on Dot stand-alone game network, all of which are Super Mario, Contra and other classic games of the 80s. Packaged mini-games, Bugs and Bugs, Ant Terminator, Tank Wars, etc., have been released. Sina stand-alone game (Sina game stand-alone game channel provides the latest popular stand-alone game information/stand-alone mini-game high-speed for stand-alone joy and joy lovers). Niu Game Network (Niu Game Network provides classic stand-alone game downloads for stand-alone game players, and immediately releases the latest and most fun stand-alone games, top ten download platforms for stand-alone games). Then go to the Dort software station to download dirty games and directly enter the mini game collection. Guaranteed non-toxic and toxic will be written. That’s all for the introduction of 7k7k drama, thank you for taking the time to watch and appreciate the content of this site, don’t forget to search for more information about 4399 and 7k7k drama on this site.

[7k7k small drama] 4399

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