【Pizza Pizza Game】Pizza Pizza Game Explanation

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ThisarticlewilltellyouaboutthePizzaPizzaGame,andtheknowledgepointscorrespondingtothePizzaPizzaGameEx 。
This article will tell you about the Pizza Pizza Game, and the knowledge points corresponding to the Pizza Pizza Game Explanation Notes. I hope it will be helpful to you, don’t forget Bookmark this site. A list of the contents of this article: 1. How to make delicious pizza game Hawaiian pizza 2. Pizza making game 3. What game is called a pizza at the beginning and then click and fly up with the mouse from time to time 4. How to open beach pizza in the pizza game How to make delicious pizza game Hawaiian pizza 1. The real Hawaiian pizza recipe is pizza pizza game: cheese pizza + shrimp + pineapple; Hawaiian pizza recipe is pizza pizza game: cheese pizza + ham + pineapple; of course it is Hawaiian pizza Pizza game, but the customer's request is different from the pizza pizza game, and the ingredients are different. 2. Delicious pizza The Hawaiian pizza recipe is bread + sauce + cheese + pineapple + ham. Object/Material: iPhone 13 IOS15 Delicious Pizza 1 Construction recipe: bread + sauce + cheese + pineapple + ham. 3. Delicious pizza with tropical taste The so-called tropical taste refers to "pineapple", and pizza with this kind of fruit is called tropical taste. Compensation for others: Hawaiian pizza construction focus: ham + pineapple, the construction is really complicated. 4, / 4 basil leaves A pizza full of anchovies, a pizza half of anchovies and half of basil leaves Final test: 1/3 of a dozen pizzas divided by 2 A white bread with sauce cheese and half of pork cubes, a whole wheat noodle Add sauce cheese and half of pork cubes on top of the cake. 5. Blue-striped Hawaiian pizza: Sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple (really, Hawaiian pizza) Naples: Sauce, cheese, tomato, basil leaves, bad breath pizza/damage, drop, date/smelly pizza: previously it was sauce, cheese, onion and anchovies, unlocked Pizza pizza game had garlic to add garlic to postscript. 6. Take a whole shrimp, wrap it with Antuo shrimp paste, keep a part of the shrimp tail outside, then form it into a ball, and wrap it in flour, egg liquid, and bread crumbs in order. Make 5 shrimp balls. Flatten the proofed small dough and stick it on the bottom of the cake, keeping the joints at even intervals. Pizza Cooking Game Game Name: Pizza Simulator (Pizzeria Simulator) This simulation cooking game is really too real pizza pizza game! Sinking baked pizza, really want to eat pizza pizza game! Rolling, flipping, tossing, sauce, making... It is really too real to submit to the owner's order to sink the pizza. Regularly check inventory and update recipes to make the store bigger and stronger. In the pizza challenge of one of the customers of Pizza God, a sweet pizza needs to be made for him. Many players don’t know what ingredients need to be put in the sweet pizza. The reason is that green peppers are also fruits, which many players did not expect. iOS1 Delicious Pizza 1 After we enter the game, click to accept the order of Hawaiian pizza. Choose white bread + sauce + cheese + ham + pineapple + jalapeño at the construction station to complete the Hawaiian pizza order. Deliver the completed Hawaiian pizza to the customer to complete the Hawaiian pizza order. Judy makes pizza. Judy makes pizza: Judy is currently working as a waiter in a pizza shop. In addition to assisting the shop every day, she also has to enter the game of making pizza delivery by herself. The specific operating procedures are as follows: open the game and play the game. When adding flowers in the third part during the game, just click and exchange them for eggplants. From "Make Pizza Together". An operation simulation game developed by an independent game studio TapBlaze. Players will run their own pizza shop and make various pizzas to meet the needs of customers. At first it was a pie, and from time to time, it would turn into a pizza when you click and fly up with the mouse. What game is Judy making pizza? Judy makes pizza: Judy is now working as a waiter in a pizza shop. In addition to assisting the shop every day, she also has to make pizza delivery games by herself. Green onion egg stall game introduction: All players must be very happy and like to eat green onion egg stall. Play this small game pizza pizza game to see if you can eat but not make pizza pizza game. Control system: mouse control, click the START SPILLET button at the bottom right to start the game. Operational mini-games [Operating Papa’s Pizza Shop] [Game Statement] pas Pizzeria Papa’s Pizza Shop, a store operation game that focuses on building pizzas. It must be arranged properly, and the time to control the heat must be well controlled, and the cutting position must not be mistaken. The content of this main line task is that you can find motorcycles from a pizzeria on the East Island and West Island respectively. As soon as the motorcycle sits on, it will automatically activate the task. If you want to turn it off, press the + key on the small keyboard. Go to the pizzeria, ride the pizza scooter, take the pizza, go to the target person, press Q or E, then press the left mouse button, and throw the pie to him. How to make open beach pizza in the pizza game 1. In the pizza game, the open beach pizza method is as follows: Use a pizza and put half of anchovies, bake twice, cut in half, if the first time is not enough, try a few more times. 2. In the challenge of the Pizza God Cult, there is an order requirement as shown in the figure below, which requires us to build a pizza like an open beach. The recipe is half sauce + anchovies, and half nothing. It needs to be baked twice and cut into six pieces for him to complete the order. 3. You need to prepare white flour cakes, add half of the sauce anchovies, and you can make an open beach with just this recipe. This is also the most popular recipe among delicious pizzas. 4. Because the other party didn't have any request, but just wanted to comment on the fish pizza, so we can be sure that there is fish placed, and the name of the open beach also reminds us that we don't need all kinds of sauces. This is the end of the introduction to Pizza Pizza Game and Pizza Pizza Game Explanation Notes. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more information about this, remember to bookmark and pay attention to this site.

【Pizza Pizza Game】Pizza Pizza Game Explanation

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